Dark by Day Dark by Night

Freedom and security are two critically important aspects of human life whose balance is crucial for a stable society. Professor Zygmunt Bauman claimed that freedom without security is chaos, and security without freedom is slavery. With the departure from the totalitarian system, we now face a fundamental question: what does freedom really mean to us? Different concepts of freedom, including personal liberty, the freedom of choice, practicing one's religion, individual rights, and minority rights are the key elements in our discussion. Nevertheless, differences and conflicts in understanding freedom, its scope and limitations have become the source of the Polish-Polish war lasting for years. This more than a decade-long conflict has been growing, supported by various factors. Those in power, the church, the economic crises, climate change, the pandemic, social media, and the war in Ukraine all contribute to escalating social and political tensions in Poland.

"Dark by day, dark by night" is an author's reflection on the current socio-political situation in Poland. It attempts to express my personal commentary on the complicated reality causing great confusion in society and being a source of continuous anxiety.

The photographs were taken in Poland in the years 2014 - 2022

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