Two tailed dog exhibition on Rybnicki Festwial Fotografii in Rybnik

I pleased to announce that series "I dyed my hair again" is shortlisted in Kaunas Photo Star competition on Kaunas Photo Festival.

Two tailed dog - artist talk and interview with Michal Adamski

Online artist talk and interview with photographer Michał Adamski, photo editors Ewa Meissner and Filip Ćwik and book designer Andrzej Dobosz. (in polish)

Two tailed dog - exhibition

PIX.HOUSE Gallery, Poznań, PL - 06.03.2020 – 21.03.2020

Two tailed dog book review in Polish Przekrój Magazine.

The artist's talk and the book's premiere

The artist's talk and Two Tailed Dog book's premiere took place during XPRINT Festival in Poznań on 8th of December 2019.

Some pictures from Two tailed dog in Le Monde. 

Printing a new book

My new book "Two tailed dog" is printed now. Date of premiere is on 8th of December during XPRINT 2019 | salon premier, festival of photobooks guaided by Pix.House Foundation

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